About Termites

There are many factors about termites that make them a very serious threat to your property. These bugs are no joke, and can make a house cave in with the amount of damage they do. Termites are social, meaning they will group up and colonize, with anywhere from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of bugs in a single colony. These colonies function incredibly well, almost acting like a single entity, and can be detrimental to your property if left unattended.

Another dangerous quality of termites is that they are often referred to as "silent killers" because of their ability to do tons of damage without the homeowner even knowing, leaving a multitude of problems and countless money in damages. In fact, Americans alone spend around $5 billion dollars a year solely on termite related damage.

These factors combined create a nightmare for any property owner, but not to fear, APC is here. We provide multiple different services in regards to termites, including a pre-treatment with Bora Care and an infestation treatment with Trelona ATBS by BASF. No matter the problem, we have a solution for you. Continue down this page to learn more about our treatment options so that you can prepare your property for the termites in its future.

Want to Know More?

Click here to find out more facts about termites, as well as some general tips on what to do if you suspect your property is being damaged by termites.

Bora Care

About Bora Care


 Bora Care is a construction pre-treatment for termites that can keep your buildings safe for years. Bora care blocks termites as well as carpenter ants and carpenter bees from eating away at your precious property, and can provide you peace of mind for years to come. In fact, we offer a 5 year warranty on our Bora Care treatments. Contact us today and ask us about Bora Care.

Ideal Treatment


The ideal stage for treatment is when the slab for the house has been laid out with no further building yet. This allows  for the chemicals to fully set in to the foundation in order to block termites and other pests from climbing into your house and destroying your precious property.

Backup Treatment/Deck Treatment


If the slab phase has already passed, then a stick frame spray can still be effective as long as the wood has NOT been treated in any way, if it has, the Bora Care will slide off of the wood and your property could be in danger. We can also treat decks, but the same warning applies, the wood can not be treated or painted if the process is to work.

The Most Effective Termite Solution

Trelona ATBS by BASF

Trelona ATBS is a new solution put out by BASF, the largest chemical producer in the world, with trusted products dating all the way back to 1865. Their Trelona ATBS, or Advance Termite Baiting System is a proven effective way to treat termites, leading all other competitors in how fast termites are attracted to the bait, and getting rid of infestations the quickest.

This effectiveness is possible due to the large size of the bait and the unique new vertical slots, meaning it attracts more termites per square foot. The large size also allows for fewer baits to be set, meaning we are in and out in a jiffy. Trelona ATBS also requires less upkeep and check-ups, meaning we only need to come back annually (or more often if desired), which saves you time and money.

Trelona ABTS is also incredibly effective against colonies. When a worker termite comes in contact and eats some of the bait they then carry that back to their colony, spreading it to the rest of the population. This effectively eliminates the entire colony of termites, something that liquid based chemicals are unable to do, providing yet another reason to use Trelona ABTS.

The combination of all of these positives leads to the most effective termite solution in the game, and if you'd like to learn more, visit:  to learn more.


Facts and Tips

Termite Detection

When trying to detect a termite infestation, look for damaged wood, mud tubes near your foundation and crawl spaces, and look for large swarms of them flying around.

Termite Activity

Termites tend to be more active in warmer temperatures, meaning that in a warm Kansas climate, these little buggers will be highly active at the start of spring.

Simple Prevention

In order to better protect your property in general, keep your gutters clean, and make sure all firewood is kept far away from your home.

What They Look Like

Termites are less than half an inch long, with a straight, sometimes droopy antenna. Their wings are almost identical in length and they range from white to light brown in color.

Do They Come in the House?

When termites swarm, their main goal is to find a new place to nest. This sometimes leads to them emerging from their old home and wandering into the home due to their attraction to light. If this happens, simply removing the bug is not enough, because that is indicative that a colony is nearby, which would require more attention.

The Step After Detection

If you detect any sort of termite activity, whether it be mud tubes, a termite in the house, or actual damage. Contact us immediately and we can inspect and eliminate the problem.