Absolute Bed Bugs


Our Specialty

APC's specialty is our bed bug treatments. We treat residential and commercial buildings and our services are unmatched. Out treatment is foolproof and we guarantee our service, or we will come back and do it again.

This service is as quick as it is effective, meaning we could come in for a morning service and be out by lunchtime,  perfect for hotels and other businesses who have their clients in mind.

About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are pesky, sneaky, and very invasive. They will lodge themselves in sheets, furniture, carpet, and other places and lay eggs without you even noticing. This can cause big problems in your home or for your business and they are very treatable. 

You can notice a bed bug infestation by looking for blood smears and fecal matter on your sheets, as well as a foul odor if any of them have died recently.

Environmental Safety

Our process is an environmentally safe alternative to using chemicals to eliminate insect infestations. There is scientific evidence that insects are becoming increasingly resistant to chemicals but are physically not capable of surviving extreme, prolonged controlled temperatures. 

90 Day Guarantee

We have a 90 day policy that if you find bed bugs left in your building, we will come back and treat them again until they are gone, completely for free.

Our Thermal Heat Treatment

How Does it Work?

Their are many ways to get rid of bed bugs, but the most effective method by far is the usage of thermal heat. The reason why is because all other methods don't fully eradicate the bugs from the source. They kill some of them, but even if just one egg or one bug is left untouched, the problem can and will come back. That doesn't happen when using thermal heat. With our method, we heat up the entire house to a temperature that the bugs cannot survive in for just a few hours, thus effectively eliminating each and every bug, every time. 

This method saves time and effort in the long run, because even with it taking a few hours, it's a painless process, you won't have to move every single piece of furniture out of your house in preparation, and we are out of your hair. Plus, we won't have to come back due to how effective the process is.

Going hand in hand with saving time, a heat treatment will also save you money because it's a one time occurrence, and you won't spend hours of your own time scheduling and dealing with multiple follow-up appointments for the same old problem. At APC, we believe in a one-and-done service so much that we guarantee it for 90 days! If the problem persists, we will come back and do it again, for free.

One last major benefit is that it is both environmentally safe, and much safer for your health. Using a multitude of chemicals in your beds and on your furniture can kill the bugs, but it can also harm you. Giving yet another reason to go with a heat treatment.

Thermal Bed Bug Treatments are the future, and you can find them here first, with APC.

The finished product.

The finished product.

The 6 Steps to a Bed Bug Free Property


Identifying the problem is the first part of this process, if you notice abnormal dark spots on your sheets or an actual bug, you've got a problem, and we're here to help!


Get in contact with us! We will set up a time to stop by, do a free inspection, confirm your suspicions, and give you the information necessary to prepare your property for our treatment.


Follow our directions after the inspection. This may include needing to remove flammable and heat-sensitive items from the property, in order to assure that nothing gets damaged during our heat treatment.


The treatment step! We will be in and out of your house in a couple of hours by using our thermal heat treatment, insuring that all of the bed bugs in your house are no more!


Keep an eye out. For the next 90 days, we have a warranty for the off chance of our treatment not working, but hey, if that happens we will come back for free! Just keep an eye out and let us know if the problem persists.


Relax! Your property is now bed bug free, and you can rest easy knowing those little buggers are long gone and will be leaving you alone for the foreseeable future.